Debate Night is Wednesday, June 26!

The government is spying on you. This is no longer just a suspicion. Are you worried about the future of privacy? Or do you think the above statements are overblown or entirely untrue? Join us this Wednesday, June 26, at 8PM at Professor Thom's for a FREE, open, public discussion of topics like these:

  • The NSA leaks / Edward Snowden
  • WikiLeaks / Bradley Manning's trial
  • The "constitutional" "right to privacy"
  •  Any topic you suggest!

Anyone may speak for up to 5 minutes at a time, but no one is required to.Bring a business card. You could win a free bar tab!Debate Night is presented by the New York chapter of the Society of Cogers  and theInternational Debate Education Association.We hope to see you there! If you plan on coming, why not RSVP on Facebook?


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